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Over 275,000 healthcare professionals use the Omni-Assistant Software.

Perhaps you are here because one of our many satisfied customers recommended us, or maybe you are just being proactive; whatever the reason - you want to know what Omni-Assistant is and how it can meet your compliance and regulatory needs, right?

meet sam

Discover how the Omni-Assistant Software can help you...

Meet SAM. A Laboratory Directors perspective on the invaluable use of the Omni-Assistant Software then, and now.

Meet SAM

Is your organization at risk?

Maybe you are a laboratory director, pharmacy director, medical director, oncology director, etc...

As a Healthcare leadership team member, you recognize your obligation and overall responsibility for meeting strict regulatory requirements.

Most healthcare leaders know that their accreditation both legally and morally compels them to implement risk management. Yet, most have not as this was loosely enforced. This is changing.

You are responsible for :

  • Providing adequate resources and qualified personnel
  • Defining and documenting a risk management policy
  • Approving all risk assessments and risk management reports
  • Demonstrating continuing effectiveness, by regularly reviewing the risk management process and documenting decisions and actions taken during the review.

Ultimately records of all risk management activities must be kept and they need to be readily available for inspection.

Are you at risk?

Will you be ready for your next audit?

It’s time to take action now!

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