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We are a Canadian innovative company, respected as a producer of a Quality Management Software solution (QMS): Omni-Assistant.

Our commitment is to: Quality, Compliance and Risk Management, while remaining focused on best practices, innovation and optimization. Beyond consistent quality, what distinguishes our enterprise-class QMS solution is our vision to empower healthcare providers to continue their digital quality management journey. Our solution is utilized by over 275,000 health professionals, working at renowned academic health sciences centers, public health laboratories, and other federal agencies. Our sophisticated integration of healthcare accreditation and regulatory standards ensures that hundreds of healthcare organizations are inspection ready @ all times.


The demands made by accreditation and regulatory agencies have increased significantly in the last decade. These have been felt to a high degree in the laboratory and throughout hospitals requiring ever increasing time and effort from staff.

In order to consistently maintain best practices and adherence to varied accreditation standards, a robust comprehensive QMS software solution is a must. The Omni-Assistant Software will assist you in limiting and reducing costs, while improving quality and efficiency.

Key benefits

  • Compliance with accreditations and regulatory requirements
  • Process standardization, optimization with the best business practices
  • Improved company brand
  • Lead to more satisfied customers
  • Reduced cost related to:
    • Re-collection of samples
    • Repeat testing and additional supplies
    • Staff time for repeat activities, troubleshoot and perform corrective actions
    • Safety of staff and WSIB cost in case of staff injury
    • Additional patient treatment or extended stay
    • Lawsuits arising from erroneous results

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